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About Us

Proudly Texas owned.


Whether it’s the rolling hill country, fertile Gulf Plains, or Rio Grande Valley, we’re here for Texas – here for you. Tellus Equipment solutions knows the lay of the land and couldn’t be prouder to support outdoor work across this great state. We carry a wide variety of John Deere equipment in keeping with our beliefs of supplying the best equipment for the best outcomes.

We also maintain a commitment to loyalty, sourcing and employing team members who are local and carry the reassuring familiarity that comes with understanding our land and our customers. As a patron, you can always expect Tellus team members to treat you with respect and act with integrity in your best interests.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced farmer working multiple acres of land, a builder or landscaper honing your design expertise, or a brave DIYer meshing out a home project. We’ve got what you need and Tellus equipment is always here for you.


4044 Utility Tractor with Front Loader

We tend to those who tend to Texas.

Texas Landscape