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9 Series 4WD & Track Tractors

Tellus Equipment Solutions supplies 9 Series John Deere tractors for your largest and most challenging stretches of land and field work. Whether you choose tracks or wheels for a smooth ride over rougher terrain that allows you to experience reduced problems with slippage and rutting during your task applications, you should consider John Deere 9 Series tractors. We carry several models, affording you the opportunity to obtain efficient equipment that will make your work feel more like play.

These tractors can be equipped with multiple performance-enhancing features resulting in normalized comfort and convenience while working. We know the importance of having equipment that can get the job done, so when you need a large, powerful tractor, go with Tellus. Our job is to support your efforts in ensuring that your crops are up to par and in good health, resulting in plentiful harvests. We want to help you take your work to the next level. Connect with us and start your purchase today.

Please browse the specs and features and contact us for in-stock availability.