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Utility Tractors

We know the importance of managing expansive tracts of land and just how challenging it can be. That’s why Tellus Equipment Solutions supplies John Deere utility tractor models to help you accomplish your large-scale agricultural maintenance goals. Tractors are known as the traditional workhorses of the agricultural scene and their versatility is nearly unmatched; they’re great for mowing, trimming, hauling, loading, lifting, clearing, snow removal, tilling and much more. Our John Deere utility tractors range in capabilities, power, and speed.

We offer 5 Series or 6 Series models to suit your needs. Constructed with varied feature options, the possibilities these vehicles present are endless and provide solutions to a multitude of task challenges. When you’re in the market for an industrial-sized tractor to cover massive land area, our tractors can get the job done. Learn more about a John Deere utility tractor for sale here.