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Tellus Equipment Solutions Acquires Dealership Locations in Marble Falls, San Antonio, and Bulverde

posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 in Dealer News


November 28, 2023 


Tellus Equipment Solutions Acquires Dealership Locations in Marble Falls, San Antonio, and Bulverde 

Katy, Texas – Tellus Equipment Solutions ("Tellus"), a leading John Deere Agricultural and Turf dealer, is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of three prominent dealership locations in Marble Falls, San Antonio, and Bulverde. This strategic endeavor marks a significant step forward, solidifying Tellus's commitment to serving the vibrant agricultural community of Texas, now spanning across 57 counties.  

Jeff Donaldson, Chief Executive Officer of Tellus, underscores the significance of this acquisition, stating, "This represents a remarkable milestone for Tellus, as it opens up new avenues for delivering exceptional service, broadening parts availability, and expanding our extensive inventory. We are genuinely excited about the potential to enhance the customer experience throughout San Antonio and Austin." 

Tellus's dedication to its expansion plans remains unwavering, driven by a deliberate and strategic approach that seeks to cultivate a brighter future for customers and employees. The focus is on harnessing synergies, facilitated by direct access to centralized inventory, aftermarket resources, and cost efficiencies, further complementing and elevating Tellus's existing Ag and Turf portfolio. 

Anthony Willis, Managing Director of Cardinal System Holdings, Tellus' parent company, comments, "Tellus is delighted to fortify its presence within the John Deere system. This strategic expansion closely aligns with our growth initiatives, positioning us to pursue additional acquisitions and our long-term vision with steadfast determination." 

Tellus will retain employees and continue to operate strategic locations across our San Antonio and Austin markets. With a network of dealerships spanning South and Central Texas, Tellus remains committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience, with world-class service as its cornerstone. 


About Tellus Equipment Solutions 

Tellus Equipment Solutions, headquartered in Katy, Texas, is a family-owned authorized John Deere Agriculture and Turf dealer, operating 24 full-service dealerships across 51 exclusive counties in South and Central Texas. The company provides agriculture, turf and compact construction equipment, parts, and service support to various customers, including farmers, ranchers, homeowners, and commercial businesses. For more information on Tellus, visit and find Tellus on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

About Cardinal System Holdings 

Established in 2014, Cardinal System Holdings ("Cardinal") is a family holding company with operations in consumer goods, heavy equipment, real estate, and other business ventures. Cardinal is a strategic partner with two of the world's most recognizable brands - "Coca-Cola" through its ownership of Coca-Cola Beverages Florida and "John Deere" through its ownership of Tellus Equipment Solutions. As an active owner, Cardinal combines its entrepreneurial approach and operating expertise to build multigenerational family businesses that consistently generate profitable growth and strong returns. In 2022, Cardinal-owned businesses generated more than $2 billion in revenue and employed over 5,000 people. 


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