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Small Square Balers

Harvesting is hard work, but Tellus Equipment Solutions is here to make it easier with new John Deere Small Square Balers. Balers are industrial strength machines that can tackle hay-gathering tasks powerfully and efficiently, allowing you to compress, handle, transport, and store hay with ease. Small square balers are used to compact hay or other materials into cubes for easier handling and transport.

Choose from our 328, 338, or 348 small square balers that can come with features such as full width feeding pickups, large window capacities, hydraulic bale tension, adjustable hay compressors and more, all of which optimize and enhance their functional output. When you need baler equipment, Tellus. We’d love to help you get things wrapped up with a new piece of equipment. Reach out and start your next purchase today.

Please browse the specs and features and contact us for in-stock availability.