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Equine & Livestock Attachments

At Tellus Equipment Solutions, our appreciation for equine and livestock management is unparalleled. After all, what’s a farm without the livestock? Like planting and harvesting operations, livestock require their own unique care to keep farm operations running smoothly. That’s why we carry equine and livestock attachment options to pair with equipment used to support your daily task applications.

With John Deere manure spreader and John Deere grinder mixer options, you can’t go wrong, and you can trust that these critical tasks will always produce quality performance outcomes. Looking for a John Deere manure spreader for sale? Tellus. How about a John Deere grinder mixer for sale? Tellus. When you have important equine and livestock operations to manage, Tellus. We have the attachments you need to tackle whatever obstacles may arise. Let’s connect and work together to keep your livestock healthy and strong.

Please browse the specs and features and contact us for in-stock availability.