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John Deere 6R Series tractors from Tellus Equipment Solutions are just the vehicle you need to get the job done on your expansive tracts of land. With five models to choose from, customizing to develop configurations that fit your specific project needs offers maximum benefit. These tractors can be equipped with John Deere FT PowerTech™ 6-cylinder engines, AutoQuad™, DirectDrive or Infinitely Variable Transmission™ options, up to 275 HP and much more.

We know how important time management is during land management operations. Make sure you’re prepared to work with optimal efficiency any time of the year. We want to help you in all ways, so you can tend to you piece of Texas, always. We have John Deere 6R tractors to keep you in the race. After all, nothing runs like a Deere. Please browse the specs and features and contact us for in-stock availability.